Retail Sales Bans

What’s a retail sales ban?
It’s a law or rule that restricts the types of stores that can sell tobacco products, or restricts whether stores can sell tobacco products based on where the store is located.

For example:

  • San Francisco, California has banned the sale of tobacco products in any retail outlet with a pharmacy, including grocery stores and chain stores.
  • Similarly, eight separate Massachusetts localities have banned tobacco sales in stores with pharmacies since 2009.
  • Buffalo, New York has considered restricting retail licenses and forbidding the use of coupons.
  • A number of localities in California have proposed restrictions on where retailers can sell tobacco products.

These laws could make it harder for you to find tobacco products. They also affect your local retailers who can lose significant revenue both from the sale of tobacco products and other products purchased by adult tobacco consumers.

While some of these proposals have been seen at the state level, many pop up in local jurisdictions and can move quickly to become law.

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