We need your support to stop this unfair constitutional amendment. If Amendment 72 passes, it would increase the state’s cigarette excise tax by an additional $1.75 per pack from $0.84 per pack to $2.59 per pack and increase the tax on all other tobacco products from 40% to 62%.

Colorado Infographic


What You Can Do

  • Educate Yourself and Your Neighbors
    • Amendment 72 is a $315 million per year tax increase. It is a poorly-drafted measure that would lock hundreds of millions of dollars in new spending into the state constitution for programs that have yet to be determined.
    • Amendment 72 gives state agencies a blank check to spend hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars each year with only vague
      direction and no oversight.
    • Blank check spending like this measure does not belong in Colorado’s Constitution.
    • Amendment 72 cannot be changed even in the case of waste, fraud, abuse or budget emergency without another vote.
    • If we’re going to raise taxes, voters should know exactly how the money will be spent and that it won’t be wasted.
    • You can learn more here.
  • Vote NO on Amendment 72!

    • You should have your ballot mailed to your home by October 24th, be sure to Vote No on Amendment 72. Mail it back as
      soon as possible – late ballots will not be counted.
    • Encourage your adult friends, coworkers, neighbors, and others who oppose this measure to do the same.